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If you are faced with the paradox of providing innovation, reducing costs and ensuring that business operates, we can help you achieve your goals, by leveraging cloud solutions.

Our team of IT experts continually push themselves to live up to our mission of being fearless champions of better, they strive for excellence and fantastic service delivery to our customers. Our use of leading-edge technology, combined with our experience, allows us to adapt and deliver exceptional service.

Managing IT infrastructures requires specialist skills, covering a broad range of technical and professional disciplines. For organisations like yours, investing in training, recruiting, and managing an in-house team is just not a realistic cost-effective option. We solve this business challenge for both public and private sector organisations by providing flexible, professional, and tailored services.

All our services are underpinned by our expertise in systems management, monitoring, and support. What differentiates us is the way we deliver those services and tailor them to specific customer requirements every time:

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Customised, process-driven and expertly delivered services. Our managed services are designed to improve delivery of your IT operations while reducing costs. For some companies, IT systems managed in-house can become a burden, tying up resources and incurring additional costs. Other companies may lack the in-house resources and expertise in the first place to manage the tasks themselves. In either scenario, outsourcing all or some of your IT management will ease the burden on your IT resources allowing greater flexibility for staff to focus on delivering core business services to your customers. 

Having a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is critical to maximising staff productivity, increasing revenues, adhering to legislative requirements, and ultimately delivering profitable goods and services to your clients. Your business relies on IT, but supporting IT is not your core business.

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We offer a range of support services to our customers, all aimed at controlling costs, saving time, reducing downtime and de-risking IT for your business. In addition, our support services allow internal IT departments to focus on delivering their core business functions, rather than resolving issues. Depending on the support service you choose, we can remove the need to train up internal resources to deliver support or provide a round-the-clock IT helpdesk.

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The risks presented by on-premise, hybrid and public cloud solutions are complex, and so we take them on to make life simple for our customers. At the early stages of our engagement with you, we will establish your business requirements and, using a collaborative approach, align those needs to the most appropriate service level agreement (SLA). The key drivers of our standard SLA are up-time, availability, fast response, quick resolution, and excellent customer service.

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